Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Black President?

Happy New Year! I've been knee deep in grading some good and bad papers, so it's taken me a minute...Just logged on and saw that Barack Obama took Iowa. I don't have much too say and could have waited til I have more, but I think it's worth stating that I'm in a state of shock. What does it mean that we are this close to having a Black president? I'm also a little scared. What does it mean that we are this close to having a Black president? Is it progress? Is he more palatable to folks because of his mixed racial background? Is he going to be killed the closer he gets? Even his tone in his victory speech had the same intonations as Dr. King and other Black leaders, the same cadence. To a mostly white audience, he said Iowans have done what the cynics said we couldn't do. And, 'We are one nation, one people, and our time for change has come...unity over divisiveness.' All good, political words, and it will be interesting to see what exactly they translate into throughout this election year. I'm speechless.


Jenny said...

So maybe his mixed race background does make him more palatable. Is this a bad thing? Yes and No, I think. Yes, because it does show some racism that no one else of Black heritage even got close to entering the race. And No because he has a big chance of winning. I find him very inspirational. I truly think he can bring us together. He exists because 2 people from very different worlds across the globe came together.
From a very BLUE state,

Jaime aka Scarlett said...

Wow, I had the same thought about he or Hillary being shot if either one became president. I honestly can't imagine either one of them living out a full term. Horrifying that I even think that.